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At Gold Travel we are committed to giving back, to uplifting the community and to contributing to real social development and economic progress.

No longer is CSI seen as a charitable donation, an enhanced corporate image, a tax write-off or a solution for the corporate conscience, but rather as contributing to the real needs of the community in which we operate.  We believe CSI is a give-and-take scenario – you give to plough back into the community and take to identify potential contributors for your own business, from a pool of beneficiaries.

Of particular focus for us is mentoring – affording previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to develop skills and an understanding of how best to manage their careers, how their actions impact on their success and how to improve on the things they are good at, to grow and to make their mark in the world.

Meet young entrepreneur Tendai Chawasarira,

Gold Travel - Mauritius Blog post
A qualified Barista, who under Konrad Lakers guidance and support, was able to open his own coffee shop, Bean@Beuna, in our office block.